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KIHEW FabCo Ltd.– A Saskatchewan 100% Indigenous-Owned And Operated Fabrication Shop Is Open For Business! "Des Dumais and his wife, Toni Dumais, started the business. While a grand opening for the business was held in August, it has been in development since 2018 when the couple approached Kahkewistahaw First Nation, which is Des’ First Nation. They came forward with a vision and a business plan to connect communities to economic development, and meet non-Indigenous Canada halfway with a business that builds capacity and communities at the same time.

“We want to take that step and meet industry and government halfway in terms of reconciliation,” Des said. “It’s important for First Nations communities to know that it takes both sides to really make some things happen on the economic side.”

The Dumais’ found their perspective on economic reconciliation was shared by Kahkewistahaw Chief Evan Taypotat, which led to a business relationship with Kahkewistahaw First Nation becoming a 50 per cent shareholder in the business.

“It's to create opportunities and training and mentorship and also revenue for our community,” Des said."

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