Effective Management

Project Management

Kihew FabCo (Kihew) Project Managers’ key responsibilities are initiating, designing, planning, executing, monitoring, and overseeing projects from start to finish. Kihew’s Project Management Team acts as a support mechanism to our supervisors, facilitates commitment, motivates team members, manages the expectations of key stakeholders, and communicates the status of project milestones.



Effective Management

A project is only successful when properly managed.
Our skilled management team is ready to optimize
projects of any size effectively.

Setting the bar
Many service providers have little to no room for discrepancies in their business model when it comes to safety, project management, quality, cost, and scheduling. Getting these business models to be predictable and reliable has been a challenge to many local service providers. Kihew FabCo. Ltd. is setting the bar higher and overcoming these challenges by fully integrating a prefabricated workflow business model to meet or exceed our client’s requirements and expectations.

Kihew FabCo. Ltd. fabrication, construction, and commissioning groups work in conjunction with our client engineers and designers at the preliminary stages of each project. This assures the facility design will be fabricated and constructed with safety, quality, cost, and schedule in mind. Kihew FabCo takes every opportunity to present our experiences from previous projects to modularize concepts to our clients’ designs to reduce the overall cost.

Kihew FabCo. Ltd. software is incorporated into each project to streamline and automate the design processes. Fabrication drawings are created directly from these 3D models. As a result of using 3D modeling software, we can reduce the overall costs and improve quality coupled with our welding, painting, coating, NDT, and hydrotesting assembly. The streamlined fabrication workflow could not be more efficient for our clients.

Kihew FabCo Ltd. open-door policy allows their clients to feel comfortable to enter any of its fabrication facilities or assembly yards and feel like a part of the Kihew family. The professionalism of its people and the efficiency of the fabrication processes is truly setting the bar high.


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